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Simple to use
 DIY party set up
Small footprint

Inflates 15 balloons
Colorful & easy to recognize
User recyclable
Cost effective
Made with recyclable steel


Presenting Party Time Helium Balloon Inflation Kit for home & office use.

Party Time™  Helium Balloon Gas comes in the industry-leading SMALLEST gas cylinder. The small 3” x 3” footprint is easy on your shelf space. At only 9 square inches, retailers can use and diversify their shelf space for more products, adding significant value for their walk-in customers. And it's size is very appealing to consumers who don't have to struggle with a BBQ-style tank.


It comes with a simple twist-on twist-off gas control valve which allows any consumer to easily fill up to 15 balloons of the 9” latex category. Party Time™ Helium Balloon Gas does not come with balloons or string so your customers can THEME exactly what party atmosphere they desire!

Consumers recycle the empty gas cylinder so you do not get involved. Once empty, consumers will recycle the steel cylinder with their household recycling. The consumer is provided with a simple two-step process to ensure the inside pressure is zero and a generously sized label which says “Empty.”

Contents of the helium kit
Party Time™ Instructions
Party Time™ Sell Sheet
Photo Database
Quantity and size of balloons

* Balloon quantity varies based on size of balloons and amount of helium used to fill each balloon. Helium is a rare gas. Please use responsibly.

Size comparison of the tanks
Tank with inflated balloon and box


ITEM: 99095HEK


GENERAL DESCRIPTION: A single non refillable Helium gas filled cylinder with integral valve and 2pc gas dispensing adapter. Balloons and string not included.


GENERAL USE: User screws on supplied dispensing adapter to top of cylinder at valve. Advancing adapter allows gas to flow. Reversing adapter shuts gas off. User attaches balloon open end to dispensing adapter and fills balloon.

RECYCLING: The empty cylinder is made from steel and should be recycled with ordinary household recyclables. An “EMPTY” label is provided inside every package for the user to apply to exterior of the empty cylinder. This is crucial for recycling personnel to know that the cylinder no longer contains pressure.

HELIUM: 90.5% Air: 9.5%

CYLINDER: Low Carbon steel, recyclable

INTEGRAL VALVE: Brass* and stainless steel

CYLINDER APPROVAL: DOT 39 “UN” Type approval

SHIPPING DATA: Helium, Compressed Non Flammable Gas

MODES: Ground and Sea only (Air requires special packaging)


PACKAGING: Colorful display box e flute with tabs 12”x2”x2”

MASTER CARTON: 12 pcs per carton 38 pounds

PALLET: 36 cartons 1,368 lbs gross weight 36”x 46”x 60”

*Brass like material selected does not qualify to require California Prop 65 Warnings.*

A party must have! Customers will

love to THEME their own events.

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